i Will Mostly be found and be available at easttown server, it cant be located at the latest version.
½ Wrong News, i will be able to use the iPod touch for 1 hour a day, enough to take care of this site and the team ;D
Here is the support

Current Email Support
Quick Link

FullName:TeeWorlds Tips
Currently No Quick Link xD

Current Skype Name :/
(we will have an official Skype Support Account, not very soon.)

Why not very soon?, because i will have to not to use TV, PC, or my iPod for the next 30 Days, i Do not think many would know about this site in this time anyways.
Facebook Support is not official, too, its Hussain Kadhim
Some non-official supports would become official.
USING WEEBLY, i am whilst writing this, going into the proccess of creating a site for TeeWorldsTips!, Hope you will enjoy it (if it succeds).